About ClioStudios

ClioStudios is a recording and mixing studio located in Lima, Perú. It was founded in the year 2000 by Carlos Luna, a peruvian sound expert with a solid background in digital technologies and music. 

During the first few years, ClioStudios became known for it´s excellent personalized service, which set it apart from the other numerous recording studios in Lima. For almost 8 years, ClioStudios got involved in numerous musical productions with styles going from Christian Rock to Classical music to traditional peruvian music.

 In the year 2008, ClioStudios´ founder had the dream of bringing traditional south american instruments to the world of virtual instruments. He chose the charango (a small stringed instrument similar to the ukelele) to be the first to receive the "virtualization" treatment.
After one year of research and countless hours in the studio recording and editing samples, debugging code and designing graphics, the world´s first virtual charango became a reality.

Today, ClioStudios´ efforts are focused on further developing the virtual charango, as well as on bringing other south american traditional instruments to the world of virtual instruments, thus enlarging the sonic pallete available to composers around the world.



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